Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WOW! Long time no talk

Over a year since I've been here...

My last entry I was looking for a job... GOD IS GOOD!!  I have a job, a good one, now.  I am a 9-month Preschool Teacher with San Bernardino County at the Rialto Renaissance site.  I don't have a lot of information on ages or classes of the site.  I am a 9-month teacher, so I will have all holidays off, summers off, I will be making the highest paying salary I've ever had, and still getting to teach.  I gave up the elementary teachers credential after last May 2013 I didn't pass the test I took after going through a 6-week prep course at a local community college.  Over the summer I looked for a job, applied with the county, interviewed in Sept/Oct but didn't get it.  I got hired as a temporary preschool teacher at a local private preschool for the summer, then had a few months off in the fall and got hired again temporarily in Dec till March 4 when they hired me permanently.  Two days later the county called again and said they'd like to re-interview me for the position.  Long story, short I got it and will start work by going to New Employee Orientation on August 11th.

I start my new job with the county in T-minus 8 working days. I was told I could call my supervisor and was a given a number for my school site but as I suspected the site is closed for the summer, because it is a 9-month site. UGH! So I called the lady I am supposed to call for any questions I have and she gave me another number and that lady was out of the office till yesterday so I left a message; we'll see if I get a return call.

I'm excited but anxious and getting nervous the closer it gets and I know nothing, very little details about the job... I mean I'll find out everything when it happens but that stresses me out to no end. I have 5 questions and I'm good till orientation on the 11th and I think the 12th.

I have been told:
I will be a 64-hour employee, so that's based on a two-week pay period, 4 8-hour work days, Fridays off. I will be a floater but can move into a teacher position when one opens up.
I am at a Head Start program in Rialto, called Rialto Renaissance.  It's about 40 minute commute against traffic - HUGE PLUS!!

I am not making any definite plans till all of this is confirmed because knowing how the government can be I should be ready at a moments notice for any or all of this to change... but I also know MY God can handle it and I am ready for him to put me somewhere to be used mightily for him.  :)

I have had an awesome summer, mostly off work.  I work M-W-F till July 11th then VBS and Welk (Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido) with my parents, sister and her family.  I got home on Wednesday afternoon and finished up final preparations for girls (Juliah and CJ) 2nd birthday party that turned out great fun and a huge success thanks to Jenn.  I had fun helping with what I could, cute little craft additions here and there.  

When Disneyland raised their prices this last May-June and discontinued the annual pass I could afford, I decided to get a Knott's Berry Farm annual pass.  Josh and Jenn already had them.  Then Lisa, Joel and Mom & Dad got them too.  M&D have only used it once.  But that has been a fun adventure for the summer; we got the level pass that comes with Soak City, fun summer activity.  Helps the kids conquer fears and be brave too!!  

I will try to use this more to update with more details on life.  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just found this on a job site

Seeking long-term full-time and part-time nanny ages 30-45, twin experience required and or multiple toddlers experience. Must be born/raised in U.S.-English first language, and must be dog lover, Current DTAP vax/flu vax (proof required), current CPR, positive, energetic, team player, positive influence through teaching manners, following directions, sharing, learning tools, great safety instincts, and respect family privacy and confidentiality. Training rate of 15 per hour for a minimum two-four 40 hour weeks of training to begin with, then full rate based on ability/experience upon completing training successfully and able to carryout the program already in place. Must be a great team player and able to follow program. We won't leave you alone with 2 kids, 2 dogs until you are comfortable with running the program smoothly, and we are comfortable. Please do not apply for this job if you can not agree to everything listed or if you do not fit the age category we are looking for to meet our needs. We do not allow kissing our kids or for them to kiss anyone but mommy and daddy. Nannies play the role of a teacher that helps prepare them for preschool. So, no physical affection. Attire for job is scrub top, comfortable pants, eye make-up only if desired no big earrings and no necklace, tide allergy free detergent (sensisitve skin), very clean person with groomed short nails always. We require this be your only job and that you not have any children under 8 years old of your own. We have 2 lovable maltese-part of the pkg to care for when parents are not home... to feed, love, etc. Twins are very intelligent and need consistency with their already in place program. Need someone who is punctual. Must be willing to travel on our vacations (first one in June) though not much traveling. Need only those wanting long term stability, follows directions, team player, non-smoker, non-partier, "not needy", trustworthy, honest, reliable, does not require much time off, willing to go to M.D.'s when necessary if sick. Must take blood test for 2 bacteria and TB before starting to work to ensure safety of our children, which can be done through minute clinic and reimburse you if you work for us. We do have stairs and need to be able to carry 28 lb kids up and down the stairs. They are sweet girls going through potty training now. Our house is "very clean" with health and safety #1 priority. Thank you! Please email if interested and meet requirements. Must have DTAP and current flu vax and CPR cert. before training starts. This job does not require driving our kids anywhere at this time. We do not do "baby talk" and keep them happy playing and learning all day. A phone with text ability is required for this job and we will explain later, though we want someone who is responsible and not on their phone much at all so that they can focus on our kids. Mom needs to be able to text you while you are working though. We are big on cleaning hands, hand sanitizer, and protecting everyone on the team from getting sick. We need Sat night coverage 10:45pm-7am, Sun night coverage 7:30pm-7am, Tue night coverage 7:30pm-7am, Thursday night coverage 7:30pm-7am. They sleep through the night most nights. Training hours will be mostly during the evening M-W-F-S evenings. We only require clean up in baby rooms and play areas. No house cleaning outside of the baby areas or dog mess required. Resume, references, certifications, cpr, vaccinations-all proof required. if you live more than 25 miles from the Geddes Museum, please let me know in the email you send or let me know if you do not meet any of the requirements when emailing. I am very honest and plan to stick to "our needs" listed and do not wish to waste your time.
Please email directly at (blah blah blah) or an option. Thank you. I will start interviewing March 14th, but please feel free to email your resume. Thank you! I look forward to meeting you.

Good luck finding someone. You need a slave lady.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Home EC???

Pray for me... I'm seriously considering studying for Home EC CSET. Printing guidelines right now. I know, people will criticize me, "you won't get a job", ... I'll cross that bridge when I come it... I have to be successful at *something*.  Or "you'll waist your time and money"... oh believe I've already given the government so much I (might) have to do this for myself.

I'm also waiting for Biola Counseling to call me back to schedule my testing for a learning disability.  I don't really want a learning disability, but if it's what I have to do to pass CSET I (Reading, History) and II (Math, Science) I'll do it.  Another $200-$300, but hey already so much in debt.

Who do I write to in Sacramento about this?  Like REALLY??!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I don't remember where, but I heard @TomCruise say once that he made movies with a bigger meaning behind them.  I wonder what he'd say about these lines from Cocktail:
Kerrie: Am I supposed to live with one man for the rest of my life?
Brian: Yes, it's called marriage.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

DiamondGothic: Getting in the mood

DiamondGothic: Getting in the mood: Are you guys getting excited for the Diamond Gothic launch?? We'll be celebrating with a few GIVEAWAYS! First up is the GATSBY BRACELET fr...

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Workout Routine

I found a fun, workout routine, walking and listening to the "Let Your Light Shine" cd I got from one of the preschools I worked at.  The songs are so active and FUN! 

My God is so Big      Let Your Light Shine   
Fight this Fight          Let Your Light Shine   
Play, Play, Play        Let Your Light Shine   
Bop Till You Drop       Let Your Light Shine   
Thank You Lord         Let Your Light Shine   
Stand on the Rock    Let Your Light Shine   
Jump and Hop          Let Your Light Shine   
Listen & Move          Let Your Light Shine   
Animal Action           Let Your Light Shine    I didn't do this one, not crawling around on the cement.  LOL  People would really think I'm weird.
Jump, Jump, Jump   Let Your Light Shine   
Slippery Fish            Let Your Light Shine   
Freeze                     Let Your Light Shine    Skipped cuz it's really not good for moving around. ;)
Skittle-E-Skat          Let Your Light Shine   
Jump                       Let Your Light Shine    Got home during this one.  32 minutes.
Dig Down Deep      Let Your Light Shine   
Rain or Pour           Let Your Light Shine   
Goin' to the River    Let Your Light Shine 

'Jump and Hop' and 'Listen and Move' are great workout songs. 

I think Emma is going to really like these songs too.  :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Practical Advice From James 2

“So let it [your faith] grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.” James 1.2-4 NLT

The men and women of faith in the past learned by experience that faith — real trust in God — grows best under duress. That God’s purposes will be accomplished, even in dark or seemingly impossible situations.

I think of Abraham on the mount, facing God’s command to sacrifice his son Isaac. Of Abigail, under intense stress because of her husband Nabal (whose name means “fool”). Of Joseph, fleeing with his family in darkness from Herod’s sword.
I know all this in my head. But real life stresses hit the gut more than the head.
Again and again God calls me to _trust_him_. To receive _all_ that happens _as_from_him_. Even when it goes against what I think that God should be doing.

Coffee/tea thought: Jesus’ prayer in the garden is a guiding model for us: “My Father! If it is possible let this cup of suffering be taken away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.” (Matt. 26.39)


Thursday, April 21, 2011


Yesterday, today and tomorrow I am a RTI (Response To Intervention) aide for a reading program at an elementary school.  I am really appreciating this experience; it’s not easy though.  About 4-6 students from grades 1-5 come to a designated room for extra help in reading.  I am hoping that I will get to stay on subbing long-term there through the end of the year, but I’m not sure how it works.  I’ve emailed the substitute coordinator for the district and am waiting to hear back.  The other aide said she would love to get the same person in there every day, so hopefully.

Also I talked to my adviser at Hope today.  I have registered to take the last two CSETs, Subtest I (Reading, Language, Literature; History & Social Science) and Subtest II (Math and Science) on July 9th.  If I pass I could get in to student teaching for Module 2, around Oct but I’m not pushing or pressuring myself.  If I don’t student teach till Spring that’s okay… in fact I don’t know when I’ll student teach and I’m not worried about it.  I found out that I have several options to complete my student teaching.  My current goals are to find a job and pass those tests!!!  I know how scarce the teaching jobs are, so pray for me; I’ll be looking everywhere, public and private.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Practical Advice From James 1

I have received a devotional in my email inbox for many years that has been a major source of encouragement for me.  I will post devotionals that speak to me here.

I am ashamed to admit that my first response to difficulties is often frustration.  When difficulties come, I want to fix things.  Quickly.

James, the half-brother of Jesus, has a different viewpoint.  Quite countercultural, actually:

Dear brothers and sisters of faith, when troubles come your way, don't fight them.  Receive them as an opportunity for great joy.  Your faith only grows when tested.  The more intense the testing, the greater your endurance grows.  So let it grow!
-- (James 1.  I have taken the liberty to paraphrase)

This doesn't mean I am to do nothing.  But it does mean that my _attitude_ is to be different.  As I continue to work on the issues, in parallel I let go of my inner thrashing, and allow God to work his perfect plan.

Coffee/tea thought: Father, it's very difficult for me to _let_go_ of some issues I'm dealing with!  To be honest, I really want everything to work out _my_ way.  But I choose today to believe and act on the _truth_ that _your_ way is perfect.  (Psalm 18.30)


Monday, April 18, 2011

Learning Experiences

I have started subbing as an aide in the school district, instructional aide or a noon-ground (lunch) aide.  Most instructional aides are in Special Ed.  I went to a Jr. High to sub as an SDC (Special Day Class, mild-to-moderate Special Ed) aide.  It was a powerful learning experience.  Several years ago, I was an aide in 2 autism classes for two years but this experience was totally different.  I really appreciated being exposed to this type of class. 

I felt totally helpless as an aide to the teacher.  It was sad for her and the students.  I was happy to be exposed to this class but sad and surprised that these students were so unmotivated and apathetic.  It is a hard time of year for students and teachers, with Spring Break coming up and only a month or so left in school before summer.  I tried to help and assist the teacher to get control the best I could.  She was really frustrated and acted like she didn’t want to be there either… well of course the students won’t want to be there either if the students don’t feel that the teacher cares.

After 1st period, during passing period, I asked, “how can I help more?”  The teacher replied, “with that class?  Not much.”  REALLY?? How sad, so they are just a lost cause then?  WOW I’ll be praying she doesn’t give up. 

I am going on Wed.-Fri. to an elementary school and excited for what learning experience that will bring.