Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome Parents and 4th Grade Students

Hello Parents.  

I would like to welcome you to 4th grade at Country Springs Elementary.  I am, Miss Bethany Borden your child’s 4th teacher.  I am very excited about the new school year.

I have a total of 15 years experience working with children of all ages.  One of my first jobs was at a boarding school for troubled teen girls.  I have also taught Sunday school in 3 different churches; I have 6 years experience with working children from infants to kindergarten in 4 different preschools and also 2 years experience working in 3 classes of 2nd – 6th grade children with Autism, one year here with Mrs. Gonzales.  I enjoy working with children because I am a child at heart myself.  I like bringing fun into learning.  I enjoy teaching people; especially children and helping them reach that A-ha moment when they get it. 
My philosophy on teaching:
  • I believe learning should be fun.
  • I believe children should be able to be kids, get dirty or wet or just play around in the finger paint.
  • I believe every child is unique and learns in his/her own special way.
  • I believe parents are the most integral part of teaching and child rearing.
  • I believe children need structure and consistent discipline.
  • I believe God has given differing abilities to each student, and it is the teacher's responsibility to challenge each child according to his ability and to seek to teach him at his academic level.

    Our objectives for our 4th grade class are:

    • To be objective, analytical and creative thinkers.
    • Effective communicators who write and speak clearly and accurately.
    • Understand and follow directions.
    • Develop patterns of independence.
    • Grow in social/emotional skills including appropriate expression of emotion, ability to manage aggression and stress, and focused participation in activities.
    • Enhance creative skills and enjoyment through experiences with the core subjects while having fun with science, art and computers.

      And most importantly, to experience the Joy of Learning.

      I am excited about what this new school year is going to bring.  I look forward to working with you and your children to make them productive members of society.  Thank you for entrusting your child with us Country Springs so we can help him or her to learn, share and grow!

      With Loving Care for your children,
      Miss Borden