Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ya win some, ya lose some…

I have a bitter-sweet dream/goal/hope to get my own house…

The Wins:
I will have whatever I want in my refrigerator and pantry and no one gets to eat it but ME!
I will have sole control of the DVR and remote.
I could potentially not be disturbed… for however long I want.
I will decorate however I want.
I will leave my stuff out wherever I want.
I will do whatever I want whenever I want for however long I want and not be interrupted or told I have to stop.
I will have Emma and Israel over and we will make a MESS!
I will come and go as I please without having to tell anybody.

The Losses:
Since Peach and Joel pretty much live at our, my parents, house I won’t necessarily be here every time they’re here.
Might WILL get lonely and too quiet.
It’s going to be expensive; will have all the hassles of managing a home.
I have to do all the cleaning or pay somebody.
I want to have people over, but I do not have the gift of hosting or the desire to do the work.

There’s more so I will probably add to the list… :)