Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WOW! Long time no talk

Over a year since I've been here...

My last entry I was looking for a job... GOD IS GOOD!!  I have a job, a good one, now.  I am a 9-month Preschool Teacher with San Bernardino County at the Rialto Renaissance site.  I don't have a lot of information on ages or classes of the site.  I am a 9-month teacher, so I will have all holidays off, summers off, I will be making the highest paying salary I've ever had, and still getting to teach.  I gave up the elementary teachers credential after last May 2013 I didn't pass the test I took after going through a 6-week prep course at a local community college.  Over the summer I looked for a job, applied with the county, interviewed in Sept/Oct but didn't get it.  I got hired as a temporary preschool teacher at a local private preschool for the summer, then had a few months off in the fall and got hired again temporarily in Dec till March 4 when they hired me permanently.  Two days later the county called again and said they'd like to re-interview me for the position.  Long story, short I got it and will start work by going to New Employee Orientation on August 11th.

I start my new job with the county in T-minus 8 working days. I was told I could call my supervisor and was a given a number for my school site but as I suspected the site is closed for the summer, because it is a 9-month site. UGH! So I called the lady I am supposed to call for any questions I have and she gave me another number and that lady was out of the office till yesterday so I left a message; we'll see if I get a return call.

I'm excited but anxious and getting nervous the closer it gets and I know nothing, very little details about the job... I mean I'll find out everything when it happens but that stresses me out to no end. I have 5 questions and I'm good till orientation on the 11th and I think the 12th.

I have been told:
I will be a 64-hour employee, so that's based on a two-week pay period, 4 8-hour work days, Fridays off. I will be a floater but can move into a teacher position when one opens up.
I am at a Head Start program in Rialto, called Rialto Renaissance.  It's about 40 minute commute against traffic - HUGE PLUS!!

I am not making any definite plans till all of this is confirmed because knowing how the government can be I should be ready at a moments notice for any or all of this to change... but I also know MY God can handle it and I am ready for him to put me somewhere to be used mightily for him.  :)

I have had an awesome summer, mostly off work.  I work M-W-F till July 11th then VBS and Welk (Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido) with my parents, sister and her family.  I got home on Wednesday afternoon and finished up final preparations for girls (Juliah and CJ) 2nd birthday party that turned out great fun and a huge success thanks to Jenn.  I had fun helping with what I could, cute little craft additions here and there.  

When Disneyland raised their prices this last May-June and discontinued the annual pass I could afford, I decided to get a Knott's Berry Farm annual pass.  Josh and Jenn already had them.  Then Lisa, Joel and Mom & Dad got them too.  M&D have only used it once.  But that has been a fun adventure for the summer; we got the level pass that comes with Soak City, fun summer activity.  Helps the kids conquer fears and be brave too!!  

I will try to use this more to update with more details on life.  

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